We are a group of internet industry leaders that have come together to work toward a common goal: Protect people from malicious online advertisements and deceptive practices.

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  • Read our new Bad Ads Alert on Offline Scams! https://t.co/3jlFZfUkN0 1 hour ago
  • US Internet ad revenue was up 20 percent in 2015 https://t.co/6LZeWoWgQC via  @techcrunch  5 days ago
  • Scammers are also using JavaScript to delay scammy pop-up alerts on landing pages to try to trick ad platforms. #welookforthatkindofstuff 2 weeks ago
  • Scammers are using online ads to take their scams offline. We’ll have an alert posted soon. 2 weeks ago
  • Google: No More Deceptive Download Buttons - https://t.co/8pPF6yMbeL 2 weeks ago

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