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ICYMI: The Latest Malvertising Threat

On Friday of last week, Google quickly halted the distribution of a larger-scale malvertising campaign (distributing malicious code through online ads) traveling through its DoubleClick ad servers. The malicious ads originated from Zedo, a third-party platform that distributes some of its ads through Doubleclick, and was originally flagged by Jerome Segura and the good folks over at […]

A Big Win For The FTC Against Tech Support Scammers

Yesterday, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced that a U.S. District Court had ordered six different international tech support scam operators to pay more than $5.1 million as a result of charges filed by the agency in 2012. These scammers would pose as major computer companies and mislead consumers to believe their computers had been infected with […]

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Fighting Bad Ads

Every year, online advertising services like Facebook, Google and others show billions of individual ads to users across the web. While most ads people see on your favorite websites are safe and legitimate, there are scammers that try to “game the system” to find ways to exploit consumers by getting harmful and deceptive ads published on reputable websites. In many cases, these ads – on the surface – appear normal and harmless, but may surreptitiously redirect a person to webpages that can install malware to a computer or mobile devices, direct them to scam or phishing websites, or try to sell them counterfeit goods.